Company Information

Hi, I'm Anna!

A few years ago my husband and I converted a van into a camper. It was his daily-driver for a while but eventually decided his Matt Foley days were over and we retired the van in exchange for something more eco-friendly (but much less fun). The van sat around in between weekend camping trips that unfortunately became less and less frequent as time passed. Finally, I decided that the holy grail of swaggin’ wagons could no longer be kept a secret from humanity. You really think we would hide something as great as this van under a bushel?? The answer is NO!!

Anyway... So then we decided to build a campsite in our backyard so that others could enjoy the van the same way we have. Well now, we purchased some land and have begun to draft the dream spots.

First, we started with a dome... reminds me of a hobbit home, but cooler! We are now remodeling a bus and hope to have that to you soon!