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Greater Greenville Association of REALTORS

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We should all consider hiring companies owned by military and first responders. It’s a win-win situation that brings the community and our country closer together.

Upstate Warrior Solution 

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“Upstate Warrior Solution knows the value that fire fighters, EMS, law enforcement, and veterans bring to the workforce through their dedication to service. As a former fire fighter, I know the important role that entrepreneurship often plays for first responders. Hire Warriors provides an invaluable service to the men and women we support by connecting them directly to customers!” 


Homebuilders Association of Greenville

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Military and first responders are often the first ones on the scene during emergencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of our homes, businesses, and cherished families.  When it comes to our non-emergency needs, who better to hire?

A Family Making Ends Meet

Hunter Ward, a local firefighter, has spent years risking his life to save others. When he decided to start Elevation Maintenance And Remodeling, he faced the challenge of finding customers who trusted and valued his service. With Hire Warriors, Hunter can list his business and connect with a community eager to support him.

Similarly, Jack Sterling, a Navy Seal veteran and entrepreneur, can find a marketing home with Hire Warriors. Jack opened CloudHound, an independent security services brokerage based in Greenville, SC. With his listing on the platform, residents worldwide can quickly learn about his background and ask for his assistance when needed.

Helping Government Companies Hire

Government organizations and agencies, like the Simpsonville, SC fire department and Greenville, SC police department, can benefit greatly from Hire Warriors. By listing their websites, they easily attract individuals with military and first responder backgrounds. The platform simplifies the hiring process, ensuring these organizations find the best candidates who understand the demands and values of service.

Helping Civilian Companies Hire

Private companies like North American Rescue and Condustrial Inc. also benefit from Hire Warriors. These businesses, which value the discipline and dedication of military and first responder personnel, can list their contact information here. They can find employees who not only have exceptional skills but also a deep sense of commitment and reliability.

Needed Resources

Beyond employment, Hire Warriors offers extensive resources for those with military and first responder experience. For example, Mike, a veteran struggling with PTSD, finds solace in the easily accessible non-profit organizations listed on the platform. Whether he needs financial advice or family support, Hire Warriors can connect him and others with the right resources quickly, making the transition to civilian life smoother. Thanks to Upstate Warrior Solutions and Big Red Barn Retreat for all they do. We are a better country because of them.

Much-Deserved Discounts

Local businesses offering discounts further highlight the community’s appreciation. Emma, a former EMT, can now discover that Joseph Caldwell, owner of First Responder Task Force, offers discounts to first responders. Through Hire Warriors, she accesses these benefits easily, feeling the community’s gratitude in tangible ways.

Bruce Bachtel, owner of Bachtel Real Estate, also extends his appreciation to first responders. As a member of a family that values those in uniform, Bruce understands their challenges and offers significant discounts on real estate services to ensure they have access to affordable housing. This initiative not only reflects his gratitude but also strengthens community bonds, showing that their sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

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